"Share Documents Across Groups of iPads.
Managed Easily, Delivered Seamlessly and Updated Automatically"

Share Documents Easily with Colleagues and Clients Across iPads

With AGORA|BRIEFCASE you, your colleagues, your clients and your friends can now use a tablet to view shared documents organized in groups we call Briefcases. Create a Briefcase easily, add members and start adding your documents. All members receive all documents and updates automatically and securely on their tablets.

SHARE, Don't Send Documents

When you want clients, vendors or colleagues to read a document without wishing to release it yet, use Briefcases to present important work or IP and retain the ability to update it seamlessly or delete it off their devices. AGORA effectively separates document distribution from release.

Secure Handling for Professional Documents

All your documents are shared only with authenticated users you pre-authorize as members of your Briefcases. Deleted documents are automatically removed from all tablet devices. App use must be authenticated with unique login credentials.

Colleagues, Vendors and Friends get Documents into Your Hands

AGORA BRIEFCASE provides the Professional four key unique capabilities, (1) carry on your iPad a synchronized set of shared documents with groups of colleagues and friends, (2) view multimedia PDFs and multimedia files natively, (3) receive files automatically without having to download or look for them in any file system and (4) User friendly experience designed to get you to your documents in two clicks or less.

Seamless Document Distribution

Using our proprietary document distribution system, all members of your briefcase receive all documents automatically every time they run the App. Document updates are also delivered immediately.

Easy to Use, Multimedia Content Friendly

AGORA|BRIEFCASE was built from the ground up with proprietary frameworks in order to be able to display multimedia content as well as PDFs that include complex images and video content. Our App is one of the very few which is capable of identifying and playing back multimedia files embedded in PDFs.

Virtual Briefcases Shared and Synchronized amongst Colleagues and Clients
AGORA|BRIEFCASE allows you to carry all your project files on your tablet for easy access. You and your colleagues always have the most up-to-date versions of all important documents securely stored nearby. An optimized user interface makes it easy for you to review from anywhere documents sent by colleagues and vendors alike. Offline connectivity handling allows you to view documents on the move. Simply open the App when connectivity is available and get up to date with all your briefcases before getting on the plane...

    System Requirements
  • AGORA|Briefcase App works with any iPad running version iOS 4.0 or later. Full performance level based on model used.
  • AGORA|Briefcase Android will run on Android 3.0 and higher. Full performance level based on model used.
  • Wifi, EDGE or 3G network to download Documents initially. Offline use limited to viewing existing documents already downloaded.

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