AGORA|BRIEFCASE includes a broad set of productivity features designed to help you access and share documents with colleagues, vendors and clients alike. Here are a few major ones:


Briefcases: Synchronized Documents Across iPads

Briefcases are virtual groups of documents that are shared and synchronized across members for viewing on their tablet. Each member can receive from, view and add to the Briefcase they belong to, making them virtual meeting places for document sharing.

Simple to Use

AGORA|BRIEFCASE is designed to intuitively allow you to use all of its functions easily. All the information you need is presented clearly and concisely using colors and overlays effectively, with all the productive fun just a click away.

Allows Teams to Carry Synched Project Files

With AGORA on your Android tablet or iPad, you can carry around all up-to-date project documents and have colleagues contribute needed files, research, presentation and multimedia content to make you more productive in the field. As you travel to and from client meetings, documents are seamlessly synchronized to your device over the air, keeping you up to date with the latest development in the office.

No Need to Look for Documents

A simple, intuitive user inteface makes finding documents incredibly easy. No document is more than three clicks away. Avoid the need to search or download documents from remote servers. Not all document is the same, make this the place where your most important document can remain fresh and always accessible.

Offline Use

In situations where connectivity is unavailable you retain access to downloaded documents. In fact, if you synchronize your Briefcases before a long flight, you can make sure to have all the documents you need and other want you to read.

Seamless Document Distribution

Using our proprietary document distribution system, all members of your briefcase receive all documents automatically every time they run the App. Document updates are also delivered immediately.

Use It (Almost) Anywhere

With AGORA you can download and synchronize your files when connectivity is available (like when in a place where Wifi is available) and enjoy continued access to your files anytime. Inconsistent bandwidth which is common to 3G environments is no obstacle to using AGORA as compared to the lackluster performance of streaming solutions.

View Multimedia PDFs Fully

AGORA|BRIEFCASE was built from the ground up with proprietary frameworks in order to be able to display multimedia content as well as PDFs that include complex images and video content. Our App is one of the very few which is capable of identifying and playing back multimedia files embedded in PDFs.

Document Security

All your documents are shared only with authenticated users you authorize as members of your Briefcases. Deleted documents are automatically removed from all tablet devices. App use must be authenticated with unique login credentials.

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