I was invited to a Briefcase, what do I do?

All you need is to download the AGORA|BRIEFCASE App on the iTunes AppStore. Once installed simply register, login and you’re all set. Once registered, you’ll keep receiving document and updates

I want to create a Briefcase, what do I do?

Setting up Briefcase and adding documents to Briefcases start on the AGORA Web Platform. Simply Register here (new users) or Login here (existing users) here and start building your Briefcases. You can create as many Briefcases as you need and the first 100MB of storage space is free

What is AGORA|Briefcase in relation to AGORA?

AGORA|Briefcase is the tablet based extension of the AGORA private file system. AGORA|Briefcase is an application running on your iOS iPad or Android tablet which accesses your Briefcase files on the private Agora system. None of your files are shared with Apple or shared other than through our existing private and secure AGORA system you know and trust.

Free? What’s the catch?

Your first 100MB of document storage and distribution is free.  All the system features are all available to you to use fully. See if and how AGORA can work for you!

Once you are convinced that a system like ours can help you be more productive, please contact us to enroll in one of our tiered pricing packages to increase your storage and distribution capacity based on your needs.

I’m not a techy, why is this useful to me?

With this App your colleagues, vendors, even your assistant can load up documents to your iPad remotely. These documents just show up on your iPad organized in simple groups (we call them Briefcases) and any document is no more than two clicks away. Your colleagues, clients and vendors can update files easily and send you critical documents while you’re in the field. All you have to do is open the App, be connected to the Internet and all your files will load automatically.

Can your App play videos or MultiMedia PDFs?

Yes! AGORA|Briefcase will play most widely used formats of videos, albeit not Flash, as the iPad does not support it. Importantly, when playing video, the App always uses a fully downloaded local file, avoiding completely the need to stream content over unreliable connections. No more “Buffering” messages. Addiionally, AGORA|Briefcase is one of the few iPad Apps which is able to play PDFs with embedded video files.

How are Documents Shared?

Any member of the Briefcase can upload documents to the Briefcase using the Web Platform. Once uploaded, the document is immediately available for download by all Members wherever they are.

How is this different from DropBox?

Dropbox is wonderful and broadly used document sharing system which is also available on the iPad. Primarily, AGORA|Briefcase automatically and seamlessly adds documents in the background to your iPad while Dropbox requires you to actively download documents one by one from Dropbox’s cloud-based file system. The two systems are quite compatible but AGORA|Briefcase is primarily focused on non-technical user-friendly professional users who require documents to be simply loaded on to their iPads securely and automatically. In addition AGORA|Briefcase natively plays multimedia PDFs and allows documents to be deleted from all members devices when removed from the Briefcase.

What are the system requirements of your App?

AGORA|Briefcase works with any iPad running version iOS 4.0 or later. Full performance level based on model used. Wifi, EDGE or 3G network to download Documents initially. Offline use limited to viewing existing documents already downloaded.

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